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The new lady in my life

came in the post today :-)
and no i didnt have to inflate her nor did she come in a brown paper package :-)

Heres what she came in inside an envelope with a few quards to feed and protect her

She then got transferred to this cage on her own with a piece of newspaper sealing her in
Then she and the cage were put in a queenless hive the idea is by the time the bees in the hive have eaten through the paper and released her they will have become accustomed to her scent and accept her as their leader.
I cant look for another week so fingers crossed all goes well otherwise thats 15 down the pan

I hope she does well for you Jim. How far did she have to travel ?

Excuse my ignorance but what are quards?
I didn't actually believe you when you said she came in a cage :-?

Hi Kaz
Guards are just normal worker bees which will feed and protect her
The cage was placed in an envelope which had 2 punched holes in it having been posted wednesday they seemed none the worse for ware for it :-)

That is amazing. I hope all goes well

She came from oxfordshire Bodge. im led to beleive a few decent chickens came from there in the past :-)
what suprised me was she didnt come by airmail but just made a bee-line to me :: :: ::

I hope they didn't sting you too much on the price :q28:

Sounds like you could be buzy over the nest few days! :-)

yep gonna bee an hive of activity ::

queen succesfully accepted and in lay
and the good news im now back up to 5 hives so honey is on for next year

Good news Jim
green man

About time something goes right for you- glad to hear she settled

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