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The new garden

Well this was back in mid-May.....

As you can tell a real building sight. Changes are now on the way ,I'll post  more later...


Great will watch with interest

Looking forward to this  
Grandma Bodger

were all watching and waiting  

and now.....................?

To be continued...        

You are just tantalizing us  

"and now"

This pic I've taken more or less from the same place as the first pic.
Some months later,eer! 4mths later,literally tons of hard core and soil have now been move.

This one from another to give a different prospective....

hope you enjoy my efferts, all the capping stone are yet to be set...

Fantastic DD.

I'm sure you will enjoy many hours relaxing there, with a bottle of something, listening to running water, thinking ............yeah I built this.

Enjoy it mate.

looking good swimming pool in the middle

Looks great well done  

Spot on looks like a lot of hard work has gone into that    

goodlife wrote:
looking good swimming pool in the middle

If only the pennies would streeeeech that far, that area is to become a lawn.

Now there's a question for one and all..."What type of turf would you recommend, as its to be a play area mainly for two young tearaways, my Grandsons  ?"

The area is approx' 6mts x 4mts, and 0.200 deep, a fair amount of soil to barrowed in.Again another question springs to mind, "Would you recommend anything else added to the soil, to assist drainage ect?"  

well they always add sand to the topsil at our bowling green and for a hard wearing lawn you will need a mix including rye grass

Wow            Good enough for Chelsea    

Some serious earth moving there! Well done, it looks great.

Looking good   look forward to seeing more ..

WOW! Well done!!! Def looking forward to how the rest comes along!!! Great Job!!

Goodness Diggers  i think we've all been waiting for this    

Tuesday I spent the whole day moving barrow loads of  hard core and 30 plus new slabs, all now in not a lot to show.
Today has been a day of rest, I know sad 'ole Git...  

Tomorrow were off down to the Paralympics....its going to be a long day...
we leave home about 3.30 am to the coach station, only three of us are going, unfortunately my dear DD who won the tickets for us....has to Work      

Sorry what a real shame.......  

Well she has just had six weeks off.....its such a shame...

Hopefully get back to you all on Friday....

PS  thanks for the tickets DD...........

Progress at last....the centre piece to the lower patio area is now almost complete. The facing wall has to be painted, origionally I thought to paint it white, now eering on a pale shade of grey...

All cappings are now set. The right hand bed is planted out, rain stopped play on the left one ....maybe the weather will be kinder today.

As and when the left bed is planted, it will be time to fill the lawn area with soil . Hopefully the lawn will be laid this year...fingers crossed..


I think the pale shade of grey will look perfect! This is looking so good already! When it is done it will be fantastic!! You have done (and are doing!) a wonderful job of it!!

um, I'm just moving to our new place. . .wanna come and do mine when you're done?!  


and by night...

not exactly the best of pics, hopefully gives the idea.

Unfortunately, the pumpo for the water feature has since packed up...more pennies to find....

The to be lawn areais now 3/4 full of debating wether or not to order the turf. I ay this considering how late in the season it is now...will the turf settle and root, or should I wait till next spring?
Any thoughts - opinions welcome...

After many hours and countless barrow loads of soil, digging out an embankment, the 6x4 mtr area for the lawn was finally filled last week.

Now that was graft, every sod of soil dug out by spade and mattock. Also broken down to a finner tilth, stones removed and fially tamped down to an acceptable level.

Last Friday I ordered the turf..its now been laid. Looking a bit yellow and sickly at the moment...But once the daylight gets on it I'm assured it will green up.At least with all this rain at the moment, I'm not having to use the hose pipe....

I've now started sorting out the large pots, which have remained out the front of the hose since we moved last December. Some of these, to give an idea of size will take a full bag of compost, 75ltr. They are planted up, but need a great deal of attention...eer!sorta stripping and completely re-planting..

Thats about it at the moment.....happy gardening....said tongue in cheek..considering the weather......


This is how it all looks now, the main patio area is 5mts x4.8mts, the lawn approx 6mts x 4mts and the raised beds and patio centre piece 2.4mts x 4mts...only the paint work to be completed on the facing block work....

All dependant on the weather of course, a lot of the work may have to wait until next year, as to the right hand side of rh garden, there is some 6mtr wide area which I have only last weekend started to fell unwanted trees from...

and from another angle....

Add to this I must get the allotment area back into production, after all the " Girls" now have a few areas to sit and relax while I get on with "My" garden


This was what it all looked like when we moved in, not the best pic in the world, but the only one I know of 'the day we moved in.
Today it is hissing down, looking through my album found it.
Its taken more or less from the point I have taken most from since.....
Here goes....


Very nice! You have done so much work! Everytime you post an update I think back to when you, what a job well done! I can only hope to be half way where you now are, when I've been here for two years!

The alottment, is it going where you are currently felling trees? (Here, where we grow food producing plants, is called a 'garden'~is an alottment the same thing and so referred even if it is on your own property? .... hope you don't mind the question...I'm learning loads and it seems the more I learn, the more I ask.....erm, or is that just partnparcel of being female..?? )

How do I answer this one Rena......
An allotment is/was an area of ground rented/alloted to individual people/families during the war years, so they became self sufficient for a minor rent per year,just to grow vedge..
Before that some people had vegetable gardens, which I now refer to as the allotment area/garden...force of habit after renting such areas for so many years.
The garden as such is where we relax on say a lawn and grow flowers...I surpose as you may view a typical English garden, a lawn/grass area with flowers around it....

Best I can offer, maybe others can say/write it better...

Nope~that's perfect!

(( I didn't want to assume I knew what you were talking about... ))

So the "new area" will be the 'allottment' then? You must be chompin at the bit to grow yer own again!!

Will be keeping an eye out for further developments!

Day by day something new blooms in the garden...This weekens new blooms.

Pond life


Lobelias, purchased and grown this season, hopefully to help fill the new bed, when built..

Clematis, bought with us from our previous house, good to see once again..



Everything looks so bright

My pots have been quite colourful this year but the perennial border that we are setting up seems to have finished very early.

kaz wrote:
Everything looks so bright

My pots have been quite colourful this year but the perennial border that we are setting up seems to have finished very early.

Yes I to have found it very spasmodic this year, out of the three beds set up last year. Two which are in a slightly shadier area, under trees, flowered very early in the season.
The third border, which is in the sun most of the day (on the patio area) is now coming into its own.
A lot of the pots, planters and baskets are now going over, with a few exceptions. Still got a few dahlias and chrysanths (SP) to flower as yet.

Here's a cheerful one....


Love the deep colour of the hollyhock! And the leaves are SO green! (Our area, being high desert an all, produces much more a yellow/green leaf.)

and still they keep flowering...

This glady is discibed as of three left since we moved....what happened to the rest

Finally the dahlias are showing

and the Japanese anemonies...

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