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stumbling goat

the most ridiculous quote from Kill cook eat IT

"if i had a pregnant rat in my house i would not kill it i would usher it out".

this was the vegetarian with absolutely huge false eyebrows, i know that they are not relevant but wow they were huuuge!! that opposed killing anything.


Yup Thats got to be the one

Problem is bimbo's like her do not do her self or any other veggies any favours

We watched Verminator this week (about an American pest control company) and one woman kept seeing 'a' rat in the kitchen and almost died when she was told that it wasn't just one rat that she was seeing over and over again but a huge infestation that had probably been there for months
green man

Is that the prog I saw before - the juvenile rats lived in the insulation of her freezer .oh.gif  Ugh I hate rats they are undermining my garden wall at the moment the neighbours insist on feeding the birds/rats.  

I've got a rat problem too at the moment, horrible things  :evil9:

Ive probably said it before but theres only one good rat and thats a DEAD one

Hopefully the ones under my chicken coops are now the good, dead sort!
green man

I have finally got the neighbours to remove their Bird table a serious rat problem poison not been touched and they use the bate box as a posh porch before they go under the wall

Well, for about 10 days all the bait I put down was taken, hasn't been touched for the last 2, so either I've got the little  th_curse.gif or they have wised up!

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