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The Moons Up !

The moons up but its very windy, so at 6.30pm Blind Pugh and I are off for an hours lamping with the shotgun.
For the unnitiated, moonlit nights aren't usually very good for the job but with a strong wind and some skudding clouds we might have some luck. We'll have to wait and see.

Best of luck!

Been windy here today as well!  Glad I'm not out in it tonight!  

any luck?

The only luck that I had, was to be out on a wild and beautiful night. The clouds that hid the nearly full moon didn't really do the job. They were soon whisked away and didn't provide the darkness that I was hoping for. The fields that were teaming with rabbits a month ago didn't hold nearly as many rabbits as they did the last time we went. The few that we saw, were extremley shy and were off as soon as they heard and or saw us. They certainly weren't shy when we went lamping last time and i'm beginning to wonder whether or not we might have some competition from fellow lampers.

I'm afraid to admit that we blanked last night.

We have &(*I()(*&^^ rabbits down our drive by the road gate and neigbours fence

Sounds like they are lampshy   as u say  competition  
One for the Pot

Not a bad few hours considering the bad conditions. Dry here but freezing conditions.


I forget what the word dry means Artic, I really do. Its been none stop here for weeks.

smart looking lurcher artic, whats in its make up?
One for the Pot

jgm6897 wrote:
smart looking lurcher artic, whats in its make up?

Jgm, he's 2nd gen Saluki/grey/ deerhound/grey x saluki/grey/deerhound/grey.

He stands at 28tts.

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