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The Main Man!

The real man in this house!  Chewey!  Butter wouldn't melt but he's a blighter for bring things in every night, it's a morning ritual lobbing rodents on the roof for the crows to recycle  rolleyes.gif  He's a funny cross, only black tabby I have ever seen.

Imagine that staring down at you  :smt103

He wants his dinner really

Very dashing fella even if I say so myself!

What a smart looking puss cat  

Handsome cat!  I love his eyes.  He looks like he's a deep thinker.

I recognise that expression - one of the classic "You know you are here to serve me" stares :-)
Celtic Eagle

Corrrrr - What a wonderful cat

They just know! Don't they ? :-)

He shows that he knows that I know he knows, by sticking his bottom in my face  :bootyshake:

He's guarding the strawberries :-)

I hope so, they're the only ones  :q28: !!

well, you've upset me now Viva, I thought that I was your other pet?  ::  :q37:
farmer jones

Lovely cat, looks like my cat a lot. Good photos, well done.    

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