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The leaves are gently falling now..

and the hanging baskets are beginning to look rather forlorn...
Not the best ever show from them, but I'm pleased with their shows of colour as many of my pic's on here have shown.
Considering this is the first full year in our new abode.
Today it has continually rained and now the sun has finally woken up.
Yes its finally stopped raining.
The ground is now so wet I dare not attempt to dig it over, dare not start any new footings for walls as the forecast is still not good for tomorrow.
So!...looking around the garden for things to do...
Looks like its the baskets and planters time, to try and save any of the plants in them, fushias and others that maybe possible to save for next season.

So how has your gardening year gone- flower pot wise ?

I set my first ever petunia hanging basket this year (from petunias Bethani and I were given at a baby shower), and although it wasn't 'impressively' over abundant with flowers, I did enjoy watching it's continuous blossoms. Will have to do it again next season.

As your leaves fall ours are coming out with the blossom.

Now there's a thought, how can I spend 6 months in NZ or the US, that way I could have a truly 12 month garden    

Easy come do our muttermutter should be garden   after today there is lot more to do, got a storm that has blown down 2 big trees next to house, 1 came onto house so had to be pulled off plus several more, Broken plastic roofing and now verry heavy rain pouring in holes onto verander

We had leaves falling yesterday/ last night sad they are still on the trees which fell too onto our roof and drive   big storm

For the past two days now I have been clearing out all the pots and planters in anticipation of spring. Slowly but surely saving various plants such as Fuchias and Geraniums, to be stored in the G/H over winter, hopefully.
Clearing the never ending trails of lobellias and other unwanted annuals.
8am this morning went and collected another load of bulbs, Alliums and Crocus, to replant with the hundreds of Daffs I now have, which were dug up dug up earlier this season.
As and when we get a few dryer days I may be able to start ridding the garden of falling leaves and a copious amount of rotting fallen fruit, mainly plums.
Well its time to get back to the planters... even though its perishing chilly today.
Its close to the time to store the Begonias and Dahlias, but as they are still flowering, full of buds I'll leave them a wee while longer.
And the next job..
I'm sure I'll think of something...beside raking up the leaves...
What are your plans over the next month or two?

Digindeep wrote:
And the next job..
I'm sure I'll think of something...beside raking up the leaves... worries....I'm sure *someone* will help you find PLENTY to do. . .   (quietly chuckling here...)

We lost most of our bulbs to a frozen winter last (after moving) sooooo, I'll not have much to shift, but a few iris' will prob head to the gh for the winter. Oustide of that...we're startin from year.

Once the weather allows me to sort out the last patch of soil in the bungalow garden then I can put bulbs in. That should get done this week.

Thing is - the flower plot may close down but there's months of work on the allotment which should keep me busy till the winter solstice. By which time I shall look up, think I've not cleaned the tubs and then it will be February and time to start seriously again.

Digindeep wrote:
Now there's a thought, how can I spend 6 months in NZ or the US, that way I could have a truly 12 month garden    

thats a great idea DD  

Ive got a load of bulbs to put in this week. Nasturtium, nicotiana, lobelia, begonia, dianthus all still got flowers.

Over the past few months of summer I've collect a fair few new perennial plants, as and when I've come across them at the right prices.
Most planted out into various large pots and planters.
Phlox, lobelllias dahlias, peonies and so on, all in the hope of finishing the next flower bed. Ever hopeful as usual, but still constructing the so said bed, as I've mainly concentrated on the vegetable garden this year.
So now its a matter of clearing display pots, re-potting the perennials and storing them so the bulbs can be planted out.
So yes I am still finding plenty to do, in between the rainy days.
As room is and will run out in the G/H, thankfully there is always the poly to fall back on. Not the best use of a poly, but needs must, has to be done.

Somehow I doubt the idea of a 12 month garden is more than a passing thought...    have a good day

And here's me thinking that housework and gardens were 12 month jobs .....  

I reckon we all know all gardens are a full time job, maybe a couple of months when the snow, frosts or even its too wet to do much, but it doesn't stop dreamers like me

What's housework by the way?  

Yesterday managed to turn one bed over and clear it, even though the soil was to say the least 'claggy'. A good solid walk board helped.

and the leaves are continuing to fall...
Since coming back off our  Hol's I've now finally cleared the baskets and tubs ect, of all the annuals, along with a few perenials, enabling me to re-fill them with winter pansies, violas and bulbs.
Could do with a few other varieties , any suggestions would be more than welcome.
Now have 5.5 bags of spent compost. Over the past years I've always spread the compost over the garden. As, at our previous home the soil was very clay rich. Over the 27 years we were there and with adding manure it made one heck of a difference.
The soil in our now garden, yes does have some clay, but mainly reasonable quality soil. As I now have 5 darlek type compost bins, with well rotted vegetables and waste, At least 18 months old, I'm thinking of  adding said bagged spent compost to the bins. Or should I just as in the past spread it around the garden? Your thoughts/ past experience would be more than welcome    

My thoughts being by adding it to the darlek's compost will help bulk it up, ready to spread early next Spring..

I'd add it exactly for the purpose of bulking up for next spring.

(Glad to see you're back and no worse for wear... .... I haven't gone anywhere yet and yer still kickin garden work out quicker than myself! .... I must take lessons!)

I dig spent compost straight into the most deprived areas of the allotment. It was a totally deprived clay plot when I took over in 2007 so anything is welcome. Compost follows on - but the heap grows courgettes and marrows before being dug in.

Nope, no daleks. Was given black plastic free so freestanding with covers. Different ways - same ends.

As its been persisting down all morning...fed up being sat around the house...
I'm off down the G/H to wrap up my tubers, corms and bulbs  
Of course after I've given them a good brushing....
plenty of old newspapers to do so, must keep me tubers frost free during the winter
Signs are its clearing up, so maybe brush and rake up a few more leaves for the compost...

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