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The latest prize...........

The latest prize of a one year magazine subscription goes to.........

Gareth for his contribution to the forum with the boat building thread
This is the first entry.....

Greetings to one and all,

I'm taking a bit of a liberty here, as the great boat building weekend is still eight weeks away, and is scheduled for the weekend of 11th-14th of May. However Fish and I have been on about this since last November. Members of three forums (Over the Gate, GWBT, and Predator fishing UK) are now aware of this pending escapade, but I thought that I would blog it on this forum. Hopefully we will capture all of the events, elation's, trials and tribulations as they arise during the weekend on Digital stills photographs and digital video. For personal reasons, I have been really looking forward to this weekend, ever since I first suggested it.

So here is a summary of progress to date.

Nov. 06
Fish suggests on P-F UK that he is considering purchasing a canadian style canoe from ebay. Gareth chokes on his tea, reading that Fish is willing to part with his hard earned, and that the Autumn's brew of rough Zider has totally unhinged Fish.
Gareth informs Fish that he can build one for about 80-90 from the free plans on the internet at

Gareth tells Fish of the five boats that he has built to date. Three as child with his father, and then the two that Gareth built as an adult with his own son during 2002.
In a chronological order. Gareth and his father during the 70s; A woven willow and plastic sheet covered, coracle, a plywood half punt/half Jonboat, and a proper woven willow and tarred skin covered coracle. In 2002 Gareth and his son built a plywood pram utility rowing boat 'Kingfisher' and a plywood jonboat.

A discussion continues and Gareth volunteers to drive the 250+ miles from Norwich to Stourhead to help Fish build a boat during a spring weekend in 07. Gareth needs another project completing that Fish is eminently qualified to execute, and so an exchange of labour deal ensues.

Jan 07.
Gareth comes out of (very) early retirement/self unemployment, obtaining a job as a boat builder for one of the larger boat yards in Wroxham, Norfolk. Gareth is not a professional boat builder, but a professional Agricultural engineer. However the boatyard requires a 12/24 volt electrcian/engineer/fabricator/ welder, all of which Gareth is suitably qualified and fully experienced in. So Gareth is offered the Job and begins work during the first week of January.
Internet chat continues between the two friends who have yet to meet, and a bit of a pi&&ing contest begins over home-made Zider and Mead, etc. With a home-made Mead exchange and comparison now featuring as a major part of the boat building weekend. Gareth suggests that the Plywood 'Kingfisher' would be a more viable boat for fish and his family to use, and a lot less complicated and a quicker to build.
Kingfisher can be built in two variations. Rowing/motor and sailing. and with the addition to the build plans of a removable rudder, can be used either as rowing/motored or sailing boat.
and this has what has been agreed on. Giving the Fish clan the opportunity to have and enjoy the pleasure of a utility, come fishing, come sailing dingy. Something for one and for all.

Late Jan 07.
Gareth meets Elaine on one of the internet dating sites, and a relationship develops. Gareth and Fish continue to exchange chat about the now confirmed boat building weekend.

Feb. 07.
Gareth starts and completes lofting the scaled drawings and plans of Kingfisher to full size

Late Feb. 07.
Gareth and Elaine have one of those tiddly, pissed and playful weekends, and with the exception of one last remaining bottle of home-made mead, consume the lot.

March 3rd 07.

The predator group, and Usual suspects pay tribute, and honour the life of their friend Gerry Castles, who died in december. By fixing a wreath at one of Gerry's favourite fishing spots on Oulton Broad, Near Lowesoft, Suffolk.


March 07.
Gareth starts another 4 gallon batch of home-made mead, this time using proper mead making yeast instead of cheap bread making yeast. Hopefully it will be ready in time for the up and coming great event (and hopefully go better than 11% ABV this time).

10th of March 07.
The lofted drawings are still on the side in Gareth's room, and he remembers that he should get around to the vilage post office and post them to Fish. Hopefully the required temporary frames and tressles can be knocked up prior to the event. Gareth has recently had to give up, and retire his beloved engineering industry standard air powered tools, because the boat yard no longer has the compressor to power them. So he goes out and purchases 14 different cordless power tools, two main's chargers, five batteries and quiet a few accessories from the Ryobi one plus, professional 18 volt range.

These will be extremely useful for the boat building weekend, several of Gareth's other up and coming projects, his main and secondry employment, and the vast majority of any future DIY projects that he may embark upon

Click on the link below to follow the blog..

A worthy winner indeed.

The boat building thread has been very interesting (and I'm not even into boats!) so that says heaps about the quality of the thread.

Well done to Mr and Mrs Fish and the little Fishes as the support act too.

Well done Gareth, very well deserved :-)

well done Gareth

its a fix!!!!!!! :: :: :: ::

Bravo Sir Gareth of Esox.


Thank you.

I can tell you that the subscription I will choose will not not be Boat building monthly ::

I will probably take a subscription to one of the smallholder/downsizer/good-lifer magazines.

Thank you again to all our avid viewers

Greetings Fellow Over The Gater's


I couldn't choose which one of the magazines from the selection given to me as a prize for the boat building diary. I even asked my 14 year old daugther if she would like the subscription, and she declined.

Therefore, I have chosen to have the BBC Wildlife magazine sent to the Fish family Minnows.

You now have the opportunity to view beautiful photographs of British wildlife, taken in their natural habitat, and not just see them hanging from one of your Dad's meat hooks. :: :: ::

That is such a lovely gesture Gareth - well done you

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