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The latest cutbacks?

Having watched the news last night and this morning, it looks as though this 'Making Ends Meet' section of OTG is going to get more and more foot passage use over the next five years. The austerity cutbacks are set to bite deeply and things are going to get a lot worse before there's any chance of getting better.
When we set 'Makings Ends Meet' up, we anticipated that it would be a short term feature of the forum but its obviously going to be permanent. We have some very challenging and hard times ahead of us.

they say  the recession is over on alot of economic programmes!!!!!!! (joke)  yes these are hard times yes there are alot who are seemingly immune  until maybe  there credit cards get maxxed out ! we personally  are struggling  but  its a time for buisnesses on here who sell stuff esp meat to think ,may i suggest people who are into selling  meat set up a saving scheme where people like me  can save to a box  or save for christmas 2013 ! this will give then some cash flow firm orders .some of us due to no fault have no job at the moment maybe a section where peope offerr time  to help others and return get a goody bag to take home  or free accomadation  in a tranquil setting  i dont know whats going to happen to all the people i know who cant pay there mortgages any more or only part of it   surely they cant repossess the 2 mill or more in this situation i think dinner clubs are a good idea  get get 8 people or families  to do one meal  a week for the other 8 then each week there be a day off to do what you want  im not in a position to do this yet but some of you might  then you make one big dinner ir cottage pie stews etc and it can go along way  just some ideas take care you all xxx

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