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The last pressing of the season.

This afternoon, we'll be pressing the last batch of apples for the season.

We brought about a dozen bags of cider apples home from our trip to Petrstow. They are mainly Michelin and Kingston Blacks  and out of all the tons of apples that we've collected locally, they'll be the only cider apples that we've managed to come by. All the rest have been either cookers or eaters. The cider that we make from these will almost certainly be stronger and will have a very different taste.
We're already making provision to buy more cider apples in for next season.

We pressed 140 litres of apple juice that will eventually become 8 percent cider. Thats a good 2 percent stronger than anything else that we've made.

Like I've said before, if you need any help with QC testing, you know where to find me.

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