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The last of the horses.

We need to get this next couple of hours over. My daughters old pony club horse is going to be put down at two oclock. I've looked after her everyday for the last eleven years and I feel very sad. We've lost all the old girls down to age related problems in the last two years or so. Its the end of an era in many ways.

They will have had long happy lives with you, remember the good times you have had with them

She's gone.
chicken feed

sometimes the kindest decisions are the hardest.

The day we all dread
Please take comfort from the fact that she was safe and loved to the end

So sorry ... Always so difficult. Esp when it ends an era of something our children used to be involved in too.

So very sorry, take comfort from the thought that she was where she was loved and happy and you did the best for her (and the others) at the end. No horse/pony could ask for more  

Claire x

 sorry for you all Bodger

So sorry to read this.  Don't log on all that often now as internet often slow, but animals take such a big corner of our hearts that its very sad to lose them.  But I am sure you did the right thing, better than see her suffer.  

Big hugs to you all agree with all the other posts   day but great memories/photos.


We said goodbye to two of our oldies in December, and know we have the third to consider, possibly May time before the ground gets too hard and he goes off his legs again. It's so difficult, they always leave  huge horse-shaped hole in your heart.


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