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The last of the four.

Karen has just taken Clover, the last of our four Border terriers to be put to sleep. We once had a pack of four.
Clover was born here and was thirteen years old. Over the last few months she's developed a neurological problem which has seen her become both deaf and almost blind. Then in the last week, she's become very doddery and lost the feeling in her back feet.
Its all very sad and very much the end of an era.
brummie nick

Sorry to hear your sad news, its never easy when the time comes.
Yorkshire Geordie

I know it's like losing a member of the family, I've been there and got the T shirt.
I really love my pets, but unfortunately they have a limited time with us humans.
13 years is a long time in terrier terms and I'm sure that every minute was enjoyed by her and you.
My commiserations and RIP Clover.

Here are some old photo's of Clover.....

she has always loved spaghetti and the kids used to make her work for it.

4 terriers at a BBQ  

and in front of the rayburn


Great times, fond memories but sad.

Clover must have loved being part of that pack of people and dogs
Looks like a good life, a busy life, a well loved life.
It always hurts when they go after what seems too short a time to us.

Real sympathy Bodger and Kaz, and yes, I'm glad there are good memories to hang onto.

British Red

Bad news sir. I am having a dram of Talisker storm. Join me?

Sad news indeed they all looked contented

big hugs from all the family here furry and not so.

sad times, looked a lovely wee pack.


It's so painful when they go, and for small creatures they leave a huge hole in your life.

Looks like she had a great life with you though.
Rick & Carol

very sorry to hear it. a horrid day

So sorry to hear that, nothing like a pack of Borders, but I would say they eh. Sleep well little girl.

So sorry for you loss.

We lost our oldest Lab just before Christmas, it's all very sad.

Tilly our lurcher isn't a happy bunny, she's obviously missing her long time companion too.

so sorry to read about Clover  

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