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The horses are in for the day.

We've enjoyed some fantastic weather for the past week to ten days and both we and the horses have all enjoyed being out in it. All good things must come to an end and the Metcheck weather forecast for today is dire. The BBC weather forecast is even worse, with heavy rain and sleet all day.
I don't suppose that the horses will appreciate staying in, nor that I'm doing it for their well being and that of the land.
Tomorrow is looking much better and they should be out for the Wednesday. I'm on a no winner, I feel guilty when I have to keep them in and I feel guilty seeing them standing around looking miserable in foul weather too.  

They will probably enjoy having a day in the dry and having you at their beck and call.  One day isnt going to do them any harm and they will appreciate the roll in the mud and muck all the more when they go out tomorrow  

I keep mine in for a day if it looks like its going to be really dire and they always make up for it the following day.


It amazes me, you drive past horses in fields that are out all year round and there hardly seems to be any mud. Ours, is supposed to be pretty good draing ground, its on a slight slope with sand annd gravel a couple of feet below the surface and yet parts of it are very much a quagmire.

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