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The Grounds at Chatsworth

Since around 1980 we've regularly attended The Game Fair and various country fairs that the estate has put on. We spent a day there last week and actually looked around the interior of the house and the gardens.
Inside the house wasn't my cup of tea at all, it was far too vulgar for my sensitive taste but we enjoyed an hour or so walking around the gardens.
No more talking now, here are a selections of the shots that we took on the garden tour. I hope that you enjoy them.

In no particular order.

The Canal Lake and the rear of Chatsworth House.

I could really see this collection of hounds on our lawn. Just fleeting people might think that we were posh.

Its a beautiful place.

Although the grounds were fairly busy, there were still some nice quiet spots to be found.

The famous Chatsworth cascade was short of water because of the water shortage. The water features are only switched on for a few hours a day. For the next month or two however, it will be sporting some rather strange modern art.

The Duchess of Devonshires chickens were definately free range. These buffs had the complete run of the gardens.

Buff Orpingtons have been a long time favourite of the Duchess. Her husband the Duke died a few years ago and up until the time of his death, he was the patron of the Oxford Game Club. There have always been game birds kept somewhere on the estate but the new duke declined the offer of taking on his fathers mantle. I bet the wuss just looks after his mothers soft feathers.

I hope you've enjoyed the pictures.


You're right - it's a gorgeous place.

I went round the house once when a tour was included in the ticket to see the eventing.

The family has a fascinating history - with links to such as Oswald Mosley and the Kennedys. The film 'The Duchess' with Kiera Knightly as an earlier Duchess of Devonshire is a very watchable film - not sure if it was shot at Chatsworth though.
mrs tiggywinkle

Nice photos looks like you had a good time. We went to Chatsworth years and years ago on a school trip. Would love to go again.

They've got electricity now Mrs T

I loved Chatsworth when I visited as a child but I've never been back since.  Driven past it many a time on the way to and from Sheffield and my MIL & FIL were always visiting.  I must make a return trip one day!  

Spot on Bodger..not been there,looks worth a visit

As with Mrs T. last time I went there was a kid, about 11yrs old    honest..
School trip , sandwiches for picnic...yeah it P..... down all day....

Great picks...can't realy say I remember it so well...Twenty plus years is a long time.....      

I'd like to visit that.

Pop over Friday "BB" you can spend a hour at Ludlow with us all too.

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