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The Great Yorkshire Show...

...and mostly looked at Pigs ;)

We went on Wednesday :
We watched the Interbreed Pig Supreme Championships and the BPA Pig of the Year Final - won by a Welsh, but my favourite was a Large Black.

These are great to watch because you get to see many different Breeds in the ring at the same time. So, for instance, we saw a Pietrain and some Durocs. There was an Oxford Sandy & Black too which was nice to see, she qualified at the GYS. Being the BPA finals, all the Pigs were Champions from Shows across the Country.

The Steward was fantastic, giving a commentary on the different Breeds and various 'Piggy Info' including his recipe for the best Pork Crackling "your kitchen should be full of smoke" ;) He also went through what kind of things the Judge is looking for, and explained the need for a good set of teats, good legs & etc.
The crowd loved it and we were a little surprised at how popular the Pig Area was.

It was fun to walk the 'Lanes' too. There was a very impressive, mammoth GOS Sow! By walking the Lanes you get to see the prep and chat with the Breeders.
Unfortunately, I have no great photo's (I tend to forget).

The Pig Association had a GOS with her 10 piglets in their tent, and the RBST had a young Large Black Gilt who rolled for a tummy rub when I scratched bewteen her ears. The kids next to me were delighted.
They also had some Chickens, Sheep and a couple of cows in there!

We 'did' the whole showground, took in the Sheep, Cattle & Hounds. Watched some Horses in the Main Ring. I have no idea why a bloke was videoing the large shredder in the Forestry Section ? Spent a while in Country Pursuits and watched the Ferrets doing their stuff.

'Twas a Grand Day Out.... except I dropped my Ice Cream   Some things never change.

Came home happy but tired, with a new jacket apiece.
Went down to feed our squealing pigs and decided they were the best we'd seen all day

Great pig pics and glad you had an enjoyable day out. Its been a fair few days since i went to the GYS, used to go with the local Young Farmers Club many years ago, great fun


Cheers, Claire.
We used to go on school trips when I was younger.
I hadn't been for, oooh, many years until we went a couple of years ago, then this year, obviousy.

There's another event there in October we may go to as well.
chicken feed

we have just got back from a rather good show went up last saturday to settle the animals in and came back this morning after the rush.

no photos   too much time spent with the black sheep    the pig bar and the stockmans.

Some cracking pigs there.

Ours are due to land here on the 30th of July.

bodger wrote:

Ours are due to land here on the 30th of July.

You're starting out with flying ones  

I'm no expert but a couple of saddlebacks or tamworths would be a shallower learning curve.

The ones we are getting are a right mixture. They have GOS, Large Black and OSB in them. We'll have to get your kids to name them when they visit.

bodger wrote:
We'll have to get your kids to name them when they visit.

Heaven help them - the pigs that is

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