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The Great Barrier Reef - Australia :)

I am now in Australia and started my trip with a 3 day stay on a diving boat on the Great Barrier reef (Cairns) . I treated myself to a waterproof camera the day before my trip capable of going 30m deep and had a play with it over the last few days. Some beautiful diving with plenty of sharks and turtles to be seen. Here are a few of the photos.

Yorkshire Geordie

Superb set of photos, thanks for sharing, Doodle.  
It looks so tempting that I think I'll get my trunks on and go for a swim, only trouble is that the English Channel is a bit colder than your Barrier Reef.  

Absolutely beautiful, and the photos are really so vivid too.
What a marvellous place to visit and swim

Enjoy it, store up memories, keep out of the way of the sharks...

from a sodden wet (again   ) with gale force winds (again ) Scotland.


Beautiful, we are visiting the reef next January on route down to Melbourne

You found Nemo!

Fantastic photo's Doddle and it looks like you are having a ball  


Stunning pics

Very brave going diving! Can about manage a snorkel but that's about it!

Fab pics  

Fantastic, we visited the reef 2 years ago, when in Cairns, a fantastic place , , we are back in November this year but will  just be based around the Melbourne area .

In the space of a few weeks, Doodle has passed her advanced diving certificate.
Yorkshire Geordie

Being young and lively I bet it was a doddle for Doodle.  

Well done, Doodle.  


Stunning pics' brilliant!!  

Well done a great place and fantastic photos

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