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The grass is growing

Why does the grass on our lawn grow faster than the grass in the fields?
That's how it looks to me.
I've watched the grass on the lawn getting longer and shaggier over the last few weeks and finally had to give in and give it it's first cut of the year today.
Thankfully, the mower started first time and the mowing season has begun again - it does always look great once we've done it but I wish it would grow more slowly  
Dave C

I'm with you on that kaz.

I cut mine Thursday afternoon while it was a drying wind.
Makes the garden look so much better.

But looks like it needs cutting again now !

You must be warmer and brighter than we are; the grass here looks like it'll do another month yet.
Masses of flowers out though, from the spring bulbs to the blackthorn and first cherries; even the wallflowers that I planted out in Autumn have started to bloom Neither the grass nor the hedge are looking like making much effort yet though.


Lois cut our lawn for the first time this afternoon..... I went out cycling and met friends at the Playhouse bar for a pint or two of pale ale and for a couple of hours we talked bikes, boats, bees, trees and Gala games.  

Agree that it is crazy as we plonked our house down in paddock and so lawn is still paddock grass, gets no fert etc but grows much faster   [/b]

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