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The Good Old Pint Pot?

According to this report, the good old handled pint pot is set to make a come back. Although we still have three of these in our glasses cupboard, I don't know about you but I much prefer to drink from the lighter straight glasses.

I always thought that one of the reasons for the demise of the handled pint pot was that over the years they'd proved to be way too handy as a weapon in pub fights.

Always preferred the Dimple glass myself, its what I grew up with, you felt as though you had a pint in your hand. Never really liked the so called Tulip glass, what a nancy name for a man's Jug...  

Would have thought the thin tulip glass would do as much damage in a bar room fight, Sharp edges and so on.

Welcome the Jug

Proper pint glasses!

Best thing for a mug of soup, they can handle the heat.

I used to like the handled pots but the main thing is what,s inside  

Yaaay!! I have a couple of these also, I see in that report it mentions Ravenhead Glass, I used to do the grounds maintenence there, we had to use a petrol flymo on a rope on one of the embankments it was that steep LOL.  

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