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The Glaslyn Ospreys. The saga so far...

I've posted a few times about our resident osprey pair here in Gwynedd, but the story's taken a turn this year.

The pair arrived several years ago, and after a bumpy start, when the nest was blown down, and a little help from the RSPB, they've bred successfully for many years.

This year, very sadly, Mr G, as he is affectionately known, hasn't made it back from Senegal    

We've all been biting our nails for a few weeks, as Mrs G waited nervously on the nest. A few males arrived, which she initially chased away. Several females have tried to claim her nest, which she's defended valiantly.

Now, a male has arrived and all seems to be well  

The twist in the tale is that it is her 2 year old son! Apparently not so disgraceful in Osprey world, as they have a very strong gene pool, and is quite common. (phew!)

For the full story, and expert explanations, and breathtaking films and photos, please follow the facebook page. The RSPB pulled out last year, and a community group's taken over - doing a grand job, but they need all the support they can get.

Go to  it's fascinating!

Thank you for that

I hope some of you have looked at their facebook page. It's getting sooooo interesting. A real soap opera - two males, an egg, then no egg, then a new male. Nailbiting stuff......

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