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The gardening year

After a very slow start, suddenly everything is coming together.
Hanging baskets are still under the shelter of the G/House and coming along nicely.
Most of the early spring bulbs, such as daffodils, muscari and tulips, are coming to their end. In my case most of them will have to be dug up in the near future, to enable me to re-design and build the garden.

In the meantime, plants that we bought with us and were planted out into the new beds are springing to life.

It was very late in the year when I had finally built and filled the beds. Therefore most had survived last year in various pots and containers.
So with some trepidation they were planted out, allowing for the bad winter we all suffered last and into this year, I had doubts that many would suvive.

Survive they did/have, Hostas, Astribles, Day Lillies, Delphiniums, Holly Hocks and too many more to list.
Even the transplanted Clematis are now growing well, remember "Henrii" who I photographed last year? He's doing well

I'm now looking forward to seeing the new beds and my minds-eye plans coming to fruition this year, with the hope and plans to build more beds ready for next year.

So hows your garden growing, any plans or surprises for this season?
Happy growing
Grandma Bodger

. T  .   you surprise me DD saying your Tulips and Daffs are nearly over mine are at their best with  clumps of Purple Denticulata [wrong spelling] you can ell what a bleak place I live in
Grandma Bodger

with regard to my previous post got to make my mind up do I take all the bulbs out so that Ive got room to put bedding plantd in or should I have buried them deeper  

Grandma B', usually I leave all bulbs where they are, unless the clumps get to big and tight, so what tends to happen is less flowers, until then....just plant around them and in among them.. add plenty of your preferred furtilizer..Job done, other than either cut or fold them over after flowering. Each to their own on that one.

This year "all fingers crossed" I'm hoping to re-house all I've got, as I re-build the garden to my to  my design/thoughts.
These of course are all long term plans, all depending on how quick I get my finger out and of course the depth of my pocket.
My Dear Lady seems to be controlling that at the moment, DD's wedding coming up ect..ect..ect

I'm very much waste not kinda person, if I can find space, I'll bally well plant it ...sometimes with great regret....  

Happy gardening...

Over the next few days, maybe even start today, I'm hoping to dig up all the bulbs that are in large clumps all down the one side of the garden. A couple of hundred in all , by my reckoning.

The idea being to re-build and alter the area to my ideas.
Hopefully I'll be able to keep the different varieties separate. Lay them out whole, with foliage and roots until dry, onto mushroom trays , before they are top and tailed. Finally to store in old potato sacks until required, later in the year. When , fingers crossed, I've completed the new beds.

That's the plan and hopefully the right way to go about the task in hand.
Anyone's better ways/thoughts will be gratefully accepted

Our daffs are over, the cherry blossom has been strewn all over the grass, and Im trying to get some new plants into the ground.
Planting my peas today if the wind drops.

Well digindeep that's the way I've been taught to move bulbs but you never know - the youngsters may have other thoughts. Snowdrops are the only ones you move "in the green" or they sulk.

I've got the most glorious wallflowers down the plot in full red glory but just beginning to go over. I'm tempted to let them go to seed and see if they will come back next year they are that eye catching. I started out with three miserable little polyanthus on the plot and have spent a lot of care and attention on them. I now have a patch of excellent colour free.

There wasn't much on the plot in the way of flowers when I moved in - though the dandelion army was on the March though I signed on the last weekend of February! We barely have foot soldiers left some 7 years later.

After a long and back breaking weekend, finally lifted the last of the daffodils. Pretty certain there will be a few left behind.
Wheelbarrow full to overflowing and two blue mushroom baskets full, a goodly few more than I origionaly estimated.
OH spotted what I was up to, after " oh they look so pretty" yes Dear the tulips can wait for another day.... ....anything to appease my Lady.....
having already being told off for walking on the little blue 'pretty' forget-me- nots and of course all the overgrow masses of geraniums, (which are completely out of control, giving masses of foliage and very little flowers for the space they take up) my opinion of course...

Shifted a load of bolders, which are destined to become a waterfall feature sometime in the future.
So all I now have to do is find space, somewhere reasonably dry to lay out the bounty. Could do with another half dozen mush' baskets, then I could stack them as planned. This I will do with the three baskets in hand, the rest will have to go into spare seed trays under the G/House benches.

All in all allowing for the weather a good weekend, as I also managed to get another bed dug over down the allotment area. Another few lumps of concrete from fence posts dug out, plus a few unexpected "Treasure of Tamworth".
Yes I've unearthed yet another valueble hord,  a base stand off a Grecian style vase/urn......plastic of cause and a brown ceramic pot from a slow cooker.
Bet your weekend wasn't so exciting and prosperous        

You're doing better than I ever for finding down the allotment  

There was very little - two plots over the path would have been challengers for your garden though. One plot took ten visits to the tip in a 7.5 cwt white van to clear after setting aside the bricks, wire mesh and wood which could be reused.

The other has just about finished digging out scrap metal 7 years on - well he's down to nails, bolts and similar small stuff. Down from rusty tool sets, bed springs, mattresses and other furniture then.

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