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The flies were that bad.

The flies were that bad, that yesterday afternoon we had to bring the horses into the stables. Those long grey bitey flies were driving them to distraction. When we went up to the horses to swot a few for them, the flies even tried to have a go at us. The poor old horses were being driven to distraction:shock:

Our fields don't tend to be too bad for flies, but yesterday was a bit of an exception. We're yet to see the first of the Botts this season.

My o.h. got a nasty horsefly bite this afternoon--the little beggar really drew blood
Edited to ask do horseflies get the name because they are the ones that bother horses?

We were both working outside all day yesterday & were plagued with the bdooly things. Must have been the conditions.

I got bitten by a common horsefly last week - not the big ones, the smaller ones.  It got down me cleavage and bit me a fair few times on the bosom - the little toad!  

The bites are still red but only slightly itchy now.  I really feel sorry for horses, having to put up with that all season long!  

I got bitten yesterday through my jodhpurs. My knee is now very badly swollen...we also get green eyed clegg flies here and another sort which has clear patterned wings and looks like a small moth.  My poor horse had loads of feeding horse flies on her tummy when we came back from our ride - i splatted them and they made a right mess - she is a white grey and was covered in blood splats. Love Lizzie

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