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The first steps towards a premises licence.

Today, we took the first teetering steps towards obtaining a licence to sell cider from our farm. We have been in touch with our local council, who at this stage have been extremely helpful. The first step, is for myself and my son to attend a course and obtain a certificate before we can then apply for what is known as a personal licence. Once we've got this personal licence we can apply for the premises licence.
The cost for these early stages  are going to be 100 for a one day course, 25 for a CRB and disclosure check and 37 application fee for the personal licence. Its very early days yet but the whole application will at least give us something to do throughout the winter months.

Incidentally, last week the environmental health people passed our home kitchen as being suitable premises for food production, so in a short time we'll be to selling pressed apple juice from the farmgate.  

Great start mate.  

Great feeling to be on the starting line I bet  

More expense.
If I'm successful and manage to get my premises licence ( in my case it will be a 14' x 14' stable, it will cost me 240 annualy to sell what may only be a few hundred gallons of cider a year.

is that because you'll be selling irectly to the public rgather than selling it on to a pub??

I think thats simply the annual fee for keeping a premises licensed.

This is all new to me and I may be wrong but with a personal licence, i think I'm allowed to sell to pubs and other licensed premises without having to have my own premises licensed. I would however need the cider room licensed if I'm to  sell directly to the public.
I'll almost certainly go ahead and obtain both but 240 represents a lot of profit gone before I start on what will almost certainly be a small enterprise. By my standards, i'm going to have to shift a large amount of cider to make it worth my while.


I price commercial projects on a day to day basis and look at costs v margin etc till the cows come home.  If you like, we could maybe have a chat and look at the figures a bit.

I'd be delighted too

Hi, don't know if this helps but a friend of mine makes cider up here in Lincolnshire. He did have what is known as a farmhouse licence which means he could produce 7,000 litres a year without paying duty to customs & excise. His details are on his website. Skidbrooke Cyder. I'm sure if you get in touch with him he'll be able to offer a few guidelines.
Regards, Steve.

Thanks for that Steve.

steve28755 wrote:
Skidbrooke Cyder

Phew! Imagine if he lived in 'Skidmark'    

I've been in skidrow a number of times.

been following this with much interest.  I think there is an opportunity for a micro business here for us too.  We dont have as many of our own trees as you Bodger, but we have loads of local contacts who travel an hour to have their apples pressed for juice.

Could you give me some details on costings for a pasteurizer.  John could make his own scratter and press (being a clever boy),
and where is the course you are going on?  Is it in wales?

Pasteuriser? Purely by chance I had a second one delivered to me from Vigo on Friday. It cost me 195 and will take 14 75cl bottles at a time and will do three cycles in an hour and before anyone says anything, by cycles I'm not referring to bikes.
I now have two identical pasteurisers which will allow me to do 84 bottles an hour.

Not quite up to Terracotta Army standards yet but I'm getting there. We've pressed another three barrels today


The next step takes place today. At 11.00am I have an appointment to meet the licensing officer. In between then and now, I've got to decide what it is that I actually want   and see if I can come to an agreement on it that suits both myself and the authorities.
I'm thinking that being able to run the place like a sort of off licence between the hours of and 8.00pm might suit for consumption off the premises.

I might need internet sales at some stage, which would mean having to have a 24hour licence and I would also want to put on one or two social/promotional functions where cider could be both bought and consumed.

The meeting should be quite interesting, as to date, licensing have been extremely helpful and pretty enthusiastic.

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