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The first salmon in the Thames.

Not a lot of people know this but on this day in 1974 a salmon was caught in the Thames, the first since around 1840. It was an 8lb 4 1/2oz female and she was discovered entangled in the protective nets around West Thurrock power station It was regarded by Thames Water authority as a vindication of the 100m they had spent on effluent control.

They even managed to kill that one, I wonder how many salmon return to spawn in the Thames these days ? Was that just a token salmon ?

A dear and departed friend of mine, and BarryK's caught at least 3 Salmon in the Thames during the period 99-04. He was out Lure fishing for either Pike or Perch when he captured the Salmon.

I do believe that another internet friend of our's, also caught a Salmon Parr in a minnow trap set out to catch livebaits somewhere on the river well above Kingston-Upon-Thames.

I didn't know that G had caught Salmon from the Thames, doesn't surprise me though, knowing the amount of time he spent fishing at 'his' weirpool.

Every year there are a few reports of Thames Salmon, and probably as many more that don't get reported - but the numbers are pitifully small compared to the amount of cash the TWA has squandered over the years in attempting to get a Salmon run like they had in the middle ages.

I don't think that the upper reaches of the Thames, or any of it's Tributaries are suitable to support the spawning of Salmon these days - the TWA and those in power in London are often parroting about 'how clean the Thames is these days -Certainly, the Thames in the greater London area is much cleaner now than 50 years ago but, in my opinion the Thames estuary doesn't support the biomass that it did even 20 odd years ago, probably because it's too bdooly clean.

As for the non-tidal Thames ( and the River Lea too), it's nowhere near as good as it was when I was a kid - flows at Teddington weir have been reduced to a fraction of what they were when the old Thames Conservancy controlled it..........

All this is down to the TWA's stated policy of "exploiting every availabe source of clean water" and they will continue to carry out this exploitation until the Thames is just a stagnant canal - it already looks like that in some parts, in mid summer.


I saw some of the photos that Gerry took of the salmon he had caught. The most memorable being of the one caught from his new boat.

I have not dimissed, nor do I dispute the Salmon Par in the minnow trap, but it was (disreputable ) Doctor Jim who made that statement back in 2002 as I recall. Unfortunately I cannot check the archives for this as Ian deleted the Old (and well over spammed) Predator-Fishing forum and email list some time ago.

Also with the work done to increase the flow of run off into the five or six rivers that end their journey into  a fairly small area of the Estuary desalination is forcing species further out.

Salmon are also running up thr river Trent, and have been for a few years now.Odd ones can be seen using the fish ladder at Cromwell Weir.
I saw a photo of a small one that one of the Barbel anglers had caught late this september.Go'es to show that the river is much cleaner than it was.The E.A. have spent millions trying to restock the Trent with Salmon.

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