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The first of the plants.

Yesterday afternoon, we went to the local garden centre and I bought the first of my plants to go into the polytunnel. It was only the start of things to come and there will be more. I'll be planting my purchases out later on today.

To make a start, I bought three chilli pepper plants. Cayenne, Scotch Bonnet and Red Demon.
I also bought six tomato and four sweet pepper plants. I wont be able to tell you which varieties I bought until I go out to the greenhouse later on but they're all mixed.
Over the coming weeks, I'll be buying more sweet pepper plants and I'll be leaving getting my cucumbers for a few weeks yet.
I'll be in the polytunnel for a bit today, with the radio on as I set my plans in motion for what will hopefully be a successful food growing season. I'm looking forward to it.

My tommies, chillies and sweet peppers are all up.
1st sowing of caulies, cabbage & brussels are peeking through, along with potatoes.

Not looking forward to forecast Arctic conditions though...

So far over the weekend it's been lovely and sunny. The outside temperature was showing at 7 degrees this morning at 7.00am.

My tomato seedlings are coming on, should be ready to be potted out (I've bought some of those upside down planters for them, I'm going to hang them on the old bird feeding stations) next week, and I have strawberry plants to go in the tops too.

Trying, again, to grow liquorice, so far the seedlings are doing fine, but they all died back last year, so I'm not holding my breath.

I usually just grow seeds for sprouting, or for mini veg, like tiny carrots. We're very shady here so I struggle to get much veg. Fruit though the garden does very well indeed.


Tomato wise, I've gone for four cherry type varieties, namely Black Opal, Golden Sunrise, Sun Gold and Gardeners Delight. We like our cherry tomatoes.

As far as what I'd call ordinary tomatoes, we've selected Money Maker and Shirley. I'm going to plant them in the polly after dinner.

The raised bed is all ready and prepared to be divided up ready for growing! I don't have space nor time though to start seedlings so I'll be going up to Hemswell car boot in a couple of weeks in a Sunday to see what's about in the way of plug plants that you often find people selling up there.

Let's see if I can grow stuff without Insect Armageddon or Slug Zombies eating everything in sight...

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