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The Festival of the plough

Went to High Burnham, about 15 miles from Doncaster for this annual event celebrating different kinds of ploughing and country events.
Horse ploughing, vintage and more modern tractors, old farm machinery, vintage cars, brass band, Morris dancers, apple pressing demo, bee keeping demo, local farmers trade stands, etc.
A really good day out.



Glad you had a good day great pics

our kind of day out thanks for the photos

Brilliant and I'm the same as Sod, its just the sort of day that I enjoy dragging long suffering Karen off too. Its the heavy horses that do it for me.

Looks like an excellent day out all round
Well worth a visit and a ramble of a day.


It's about the fifth time I've been and enjoyed each visit.The first  time  I went I took my Mum and Dad.
Dad was a farm worker in Cheshire in the 1930's and used to do a lot of the ploughing himself with horses so it really took him back. He loved it.
I started work on a Market Garden and did all the ploughing with an old grey Freguson so it was good to see them working again.

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