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The Farmers set aside scheme looks doomed.

Its nearly twenty years ago since the introduction of the set a side scheme into UK agriculture. I'm sure you all know this, but basically British famers were paid to leave land uncultivated. Because of this, wildbirds and plants in the country have had a bit of a reprieve and have started to flourish where formally they struggled. This scheme has been hailed as a flag ship of the goverments green credentials but now set aside seems to be doomed to end and could finish in 2009. :q52: Why ? because the EU says so.
It would appear that the rise and rise of bio fuel crops has lead to a shortage of cereals which needs to be addressed.

Oh no! The farmer over the road from me leaves some of his fields and they are ace! Lots of wildlife and even red kites! Don't want to look out of the window and see anything else!

They're trying to reflood the bog by filling all the ditches  :q52:  :q52: theres going to be hell of alot of wildlife disapear and made homeless!! :q52:

Conversely, there were and probally still are, many less enlightened who thought that it's disgusting being paid to do nothing with land and stick by the Get Rid of the Mountains Theory as a way of artificially keeping prices high.

If the govt stopped doing stupid stuff like getting rid of all the green belt land there would have been enough countryside to allow wildlife live and grow the crops we need. Oh and stop letting everyone and his wife into the country we may be able to grow more to keep the country in food. Now wildlife takes second place after food, roads, new houses oh and most Mps second and third homes decorated and furnished by us. The great British system. Whats that loud flushing noise I hear again? :sad11:

A little more information on this suject.

personally i think the fallen stock schme had a lot to do with the decline of wildlife aswell......

once upon a time you left deadstock where it was, within a couple of days it had very nearly disappeared, as the foxes, badgers,rats, birds, hedgehogs, beetles, ants, flies and many other creatures feasted upon it, and did not need to scavenge near houses or built up areas.

the set-aside was a good scheme for wildlife, and now yet another government has taken over and has decided to change things again.......why cant they learn that continuity is the key?

It does seem as though Food Production is becoming more and more of an issue and we could end up with the WWII scenario where every inch of land that can be used for growing or stock is taken up and Wildlife becomes a secondary issue.
Could we even end up with playing fields being cultivated or grazing on golf courses? May seem mad at the moment but how long before, even with imports, the ever growing population cannot be sustained with that which exists?

i think a lot of people are already thinking along those lines now bazz....lets face it RC has done a lot to help aswell as forums like this one.....

trouble is, with todays lifestyles, with all the hustle and bustle of modern day life, most people do not have the time.......but with redundancy's looming prhaps spare time can be put to good use........more lotty's for a start....of course provided by the government.......  

Actually there's a newer scheme supposedly more eco friendly, I didn't get into details, but, land has to be sown with (not sure what sort of) grasses, and not cut (for at least 5 years or something ICQR), whereas set-aside had to be kept weed free. It's supposed to benefit wildlife, and possibly does, but I suspect that it's more relevent that it's less work for the farmer than set aside!
Personally I think unused land should be planted with deciduous trees.

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