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The Eden Project

I wont lumber you with too many words, suffice to say that karen and I went there a couple of days ago and thoroughly enjoyed our visit. In no particular order, here are the pictures that we took.


You wouldn,t want stinging by that bee

Didn't know you could get bubble wrap that big   Looks the Muts though.



how bizzare, we were there bank holiday

a totally amazing place, we really enjoyed it, apart from the rainforest biodome. it was too humid in there for me, i felt i could not breath and had to sit in the cold room for a while. ok ok i know, i'm a woos.  lol

we were there during the ' poo week ' fascinating stuff.

we were B&B ing at a farmhouse in Crackington Haven. we also visited, tintagel, boscastle and ofcourse port issaac.

The poo week was yet to be launched when we were there, they were just getting ready for it.
You're right about the rain forrest bio dome, it was way too hot for normal people.
mrs tiggywinkle

  just seen these. Great photos. Glad you both enjoyed it.

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