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The dogs are helping.

First, mow the lawn....then brush the path :-)

The dogs are very helpful :q28:

Are they Lakeland terriers?

Border Terriers

Hmm, is there much difference between the breeds? Similar to Plummers?

Just curious you understand......

Lakeland and Border terrier are totally seperate KC registered breeds. Although they share a common sort of background in as much as they originate from the north, to me they are also very different in both appearance and temperament .

bodger wrote:
they originate from the north, .

They prefer a pint of stout with a chip butty to a salmon roullee with a chilled chardonnay then? ::
green man

Interesting note here -I've never known anybody have a border and not stick with the breed, they are just such great little big dogs and intelligent to boot

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