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The dog is pooped

and so am I.

I just got back in from taking the dog for a walk to the beach and I'm absolutely cream crackerd. Right at the far end I found a massive log that had been washed in. I tried to drag it towards my van but it was just too heavy for me and it also had a piece sticking out of it that was working like a plough in the sand.
I decided to leave my prize where it was and go home for a saw. Thats one walk for the dog

I returned to the beach saw in hand and cut the log roughly in half and  then dragged that to the van. Thats two walks for the dog.

Last trip to fetch the other half but because I'm like that, I left the heavier piece until last. It took me ages to carry and half drag it off the beach. Thats three walks for the dog

I'm obviously at home now, my previously knackered shoulder is even more so and the dog is in her basket snoring fit to raise the roof. Phew ! I'm pooped and still have three stables to do.

but just think of how much warmth your afternoons efforts will bring, plus how little the dog will need a walk tonight. Well worth it id say

chicken feed

 we always say we get three warms from our logs

1. cutting it
2. stacking them
3. sitting in front of it

enjoy the latter bodger  

Bodger ...are you going to burn your new found log in your wood burner?

We'll get the chain saw and cut it up at the weekend and then nput the logs under cover for next year.
Sometime over the summer, one of the things I'm going to have to do, is build another log store. I've got the materials to build one, its just  a matter of deciding on a location thats going to be handy.

Bodger, why I asked if you were going to put your driftwood log in your woodburner, and not wanting to pi$$ in your sugar after all your hard work, but I would think again before you put the log in the wood burner.

Here are a few reasons why you should not to burn driftwood.

1. Most stove manufactures will tell you in their manual, to never burn driftwood in their woodburners.

2.  Its pretty common knowledge that salt is corrisive to metal, and in the presence of heat, that chemical reaction is speeded up.  

3. Manufactures know what driftwood damage looks like, and might not honour a warrenty claim on a premature rusted out woodburner, because of the burning of driftwood.

4. As driftwood contains lots of salt, any woodburner that have ceramic glass doors, could will end up being hazed badly.

5. Driftwood releases toxic chemicals when burned, but does produce wonderful coloured flames.    Homesteading/Why-Not-To-Burn-Driftwood.aspx

I too live right on the coast so have access to alot of driftwood, but I have reframed from putting any in my wood burner as a friend of mine owns a summerhouse which he rents out to tourists, they go and collect driftwood on the beach and then put it in his woodburner, the results of which were within nine months his woodburner was so corroded, he had to remove it and install a new one, as the makers warrenty did not cover driftwood.

He now has built a wood store which is full each time a new set of tourists rent his sommerhouse, so there is no need for them to lug driftwood from the beach back to the summerhouse.

Just a few things to thing about mate.

Thanks for the warning. I might save it for summer fires outside in the evening

That'll be nice, never thought of all that other stuff....

bodger wrote:
Thanks for the warning. I might save it for summer fires outside in the evening

An idea for summer evening fires.

One rear tractor wheel, ( I use an old Fergie wheel) weld three pieces of 2" x 2"  about 18" long  steel box section to the sides of the wheel and there you have a fantastic fire place.

I have also welded some 1/2" stainless steel bars together, so I can also use it as a grill. When I have finished grilling remove the rods and fill with wood, and spend the rest of the evening watching the flames and drinking cider.    

or you could give it to me and ill burn it in the 'yet to be built ' brick oven

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