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The deed is done.

Up early this morning, the Christmas turkey was stuffed with sage and onion stuffing, apples and prunes and minced pork with onions and a few spices. Then covered in lumps of pork fat. In the oven at 05.50.

I reckon it will need to be in the oven for the next 11 hours at 125 degrees.
After 3-4 hours it will be taken out and the legs and wings removed as they will be done. It will also be spooned with fat several times during the roasting time.

Some of you might have noticed the Westons Old Rosie bottle consumed while stuffing the turkey, its many years ago since I drank a cider at 05.00 in the morning.  


Still got ours to do and one final job also, dig up the leeks..

That looking good "Hic" of a Christmas to you      

looking great  

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm  sounds   mmmmmmmmmmm  


Well after 12 hour the turkeys done and being carved as I type. Looks just the ticket.

I will leave you all now, while I go and eat my Christmas dinner.

Merry Christmas to all.  

Very nice!

That is making me hungry!

That looks really good, my mouth is watering just looking at it, have a great day  

It looks wonderful and must taste great.
Have a lovely Christmas dinner

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