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The damned dog !

Grace the Labrador started whining this morning at around half past five and  I'm pretty that she was  just making sure that I wasn't asleep. Anyway, I had to get up to make sure that she wasn't  desperate to go outside but I soon realised that all she required was a stroke and some reassurance, because within five minutes she was back in her chair curled up and snoozing.
Eying up at least a further hours snooze on a Sunday morning, I quietly tip toed back to bed but within fifteen minutes she was at it again.
That's why I'm now in a position to be able to tell you categorically that this years springtime dawn chorus is in full belt.
I've just got back from taking the bitch (and I really do mean bitch) for a bracing forty five minute walk.
The birds were singing full on, the buzzards were mewing were  already up in the air and there were still trillions of rabbits in the fields to be seen.
I've now just got time to make this post and light the fire before  taking Karen her first cup of tea the day. Good morning all.

That is early for a Sunday, I thought I was on the ball being up and about at6.30, it is, very pleasant out this morning as you say birds are singing sun is just coming up and it's not too cold.

Bodger, talking of nature, I got up about the same time as you to answer the call of it, and have been up ever since.
Happy to say that so far I have done nothing.
It's been great.

So far, I've walked the dog, fed the pigs and chickens and unloaded ten bags of wheat from the car and started a garden fire. At the moment, rain has stopped play. Which reminds me, all things nature will stop at half past one, when I'll be glued to the telly watching the 20/20 world cricket final. Come on England, it's about time we shone at something!    

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