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The cost of running a small website?

Has anyone got a rough idea as to how much its likely to cost me to have a small but presentable website?
I've been thinking about having one to promote my farmgate sales. I don't anticipate my total sales ever being more than a few thousand pounds a year, so the cost of a proposed website to promote my goods would have to mirror that.
As I've  surfed the web in the early mornings, I've come across some really good informative ones that have been really enjoyable to look at, so I'm full of ideas but not necessarily money.

Are you after a cost of making the site or the on going costs of hosting & paying for the domain name?

Do you want to make the site yourself?
Will you do the updates & alterations?
Does it need to have a shopping cart & online payments or is it just for information with all sales done over the phone or in person?

Have a look at Vistaprint. They're not bad to look at - they have lots of great templates that you can adapt.

They start from 3 per month and increase, depending on your needs.

Lots of good hosting sites around, many have templates or software pre-installed that you can use to start with.

Don't forget you will need a domain name ( is 5.99 for 2 years a .com one will cost 8.99 a year)

Try to work out where you want the site to go in the future.
Would you plan to sell produce online? if so will the hosting company support SSL (most do for an extra cost) do they have any ecommerce software you can use or do you need to purchase some (and if you do will they support it for you).

I have used a few in the past but one I got on very well with is Machine Networks as they supported many sites for me 2 which were online trading sites and they were always up and very quick to help out (even when I purchased software for them to install) they start from 3.50 a month.

But many other sites around  

Hi Bodger - Will PM you.  Meantime take a look at and

all the best

Many thanks Sue.

I like weebly as its very easy to use, although don't buy a domain through them. Webs is ok too.....

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