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The Class of 2016 !

Introducing the class of 2016.
My brother and I were given a bantam hen each when we first moved into the Staffordshire Moorland village of Ridgeway, way back in 1962. They came already christened Peggy and Jenny and that was it, I was smitten with the poultry keeping bug. In my case, it was a condition that proved to be incurable. I was eight years old at the time and I've kept chickens ever since. How sad is that then, ?
These days, a new generation have taken up poultry keeping. It's become the 'in thing' to do, with all sorts of people taking up the hobby. Some parts of suburbia have become hotbeds for poultry keepers, with designer poultry sheds appearing everywhere.
I can fully understand why the nations love of chickens has seen such a resurgence. Keeping chickens, if its done properly can be a most rewarding and relaxing pass time.
On my little patch, I've always tried to keep the old fashioned utility breeds and I currently have two here, namely the Light Sussex and the Ancona.
These two and some other breeds, would have been a common sight seen scratching around in most farmyards fifty to sixty years ago. Unfortunately these days many old fashioned and once popular breeds of chickens have all but disappeared and are only ever seen in the show pen.
Please forgive me. This spiel of mine, is my rather long winded and convoluted way of getting round to showing you some pictures of the chickens that I've bred this summer. Just twelve this year, which according to Karen, is more than enough. Here we have eight Ancona pullets and four Light Sussex. Here you go, I hope you like them, I know that I do.

Keep on Crowing !

Dave C

They look very nice to me pal  
I too know nothing about them  

Is the cockerel giving them any attention?

There's definitely a bit of brotherly love going on Dave. There are 12 pullets in the run and I have just the one LS pullet laying.
Dave C

3 of them look pretty close to lay
I always get tempted to put the light on in the hen house at about 5am.
But most of mine are not destined for a long life

My chickens are a good 50 yards away from any electric, so unfortunately its not an option.

Solar lights  

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