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The Churnet Valley?

In my younger days I spent quite a bit of time roaming around this most beautiful and interesting area, so I was very pleased to find this superb website that dealt in walks and canal trips in and around Churnet valley.

The dates on this chaps walks are six or seven years old but I still found them quite inspirational. I've been to many of the locations that he mentions.
I was so inspired, that I fancied hiring a boat on the Caldon Canal and spending a week exploring the waterways. That was until I checked up on the internet as to the cost of a weeks boating holiday.

But I do think that Karen and I may still spend one or two days on the tow path next summer following in the authors footsteps. Those prices are horrendously expensive.

And they wonder why more and more people continue to go abroad

Bliley, 1400 , that's what it costs for my flights and accomodaton for 3 of us for 2 weeks at the start of September in Tenerife..

My thoughts exactly.  If I could organise B&B  on the canal routes, it would be way less than half the price of being cramped up in a tiny hold.

Wow, that is very expensive, I wonder how many he lets out

Depends if you get a group and each one pays a share. Have done it in days gone by and it's not so bad with everyone chipping in.

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