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The Carolina Reaper?

There's hot and then there's bdooly ridiculously hot !      

Three years ago I grew some chilli peppers in the poly tunnel and produced so many that they've lasted until now and this year is only the second time that I've had to grow any since.
The first year I grew some Scotch Bonnet and nearly killed myself with one when I tried a nibble.
Now have a look at these Mega hot chillies! Thanks but no thanks !  

Nope, they can keep them, I don't want them.
I love the flavour, but the heat's not funny, and certainly not these days since I developed a stomach ulcer thanks to long term nsaids for rheumatoid arthritis.

Smoked paprika though, is just as tasty and doesn't burn


Chillies, mmm!!

Hello Toddy and Bodger, i know this thread is now 7 months old, and though i am no expert on the subject by any means, i would like to comment if i may!?!
The heat in chillies is now tested using chromatology and the Scovile units of heat, but the Scovile scale is not very reliable now, as every testers taste buds and their palates are different.
I grew some Scotch bonnets last year and they are yummy, the plant is now overwintering, as are three cuttings from it.
This year i aim to try and graft Thai Birdseye Chillies with some Komodo Dragon Chillies--(6th down from the Carolina Reaper)--and grown in the UK.
I pickle them in white vinegar, and only this last week have put some in a groundnut oil bottle, as an experiment for chilli oil.
I heard yesterday from a chilli site i am on that there is now another chilli at the top of the leader board, the Death Strain.
This comes in at a massive 3 million units on the heat scale, and is developed by the same grower of the Carolina Reaper.
The word is that it may not be for human consumption though, because the medical and scientific community want to test it for certain cancer trials, which is a good thing i think. Thank you both!

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