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The Carboot Season....

I've been sorting out odds and sods over winter and now have LOADS of stuff to take carbooting! Must get to Argos though to get a cheap clothes rail as I think clothes sell better if they are hung up, if you know what I mean...

I am off to one over the Easter weekend with my neighbour, HOPEFULLY the weather will be fairly decent for us.....!

We are also bashing down a wall to turn the kitchen into a kitchen/diner with the room next door, and I've a couple of boxes ready to put 'un-used kitchen stuff' in it....ya know, things like the huge lemon squeezer that was used twice, I have a little glass one thats much easier to use....!

anyone else going booting soon, or are you a die-hard and carried on over the winter season??

We don't go regularly but I like to go a few times a year. We last went a few weeks back-spent the day before sorting out and packing the car, out for dinner with friend so late back, up early the next morning (and I don't do early!), DD who is 7 loves to come-she knows better than to complain when I sell her toys!!  So we set off to the edge of York and as we drove it started snowing-not forecast! Though it would be fine so carried on and by the time we got there it was thick heavy snowfall! Fortunately there was space inside which was actually quite goood-it is in a cattle market and you get a pen to yourself! Wasn't too busy as the snow kept on but sold a bit and made more than if I'd've stayed in bed! Left early at 11 as it was quiet and by now there was 2 inches of snow on the ground!!
I always find our eggs sell like crazy-if we have a glut when they are laying well I take 4 trays worth and they are all gone within the first hour! Everyone is seduced byt the colours!

Taking eggs is an egg-cellent idea...(sorry!   ) we have oodled being laid at the moment!

I'm looking forward to it, me and Maria (my neighbour) sit with our flasks of teas, people spotting....who looks like a chav, pikey....etc etc!

Makes for a fun morning out!

chicken feed

 shush you can't say that p. work the pikeys round here like to be called gypsy's    

we love a good boot sale but did not do any last year on the selling side.

I love a good car boot sale. I used to sell my extra plants and they always went well. We have a lot of village fetes round here and some of them have a car boot sale and they are much more civilised with a 2pm start! Love Lizzie

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