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The busy Robins in my garden have young.



We have  robin nest in the shed this year andctheir 5 hatched on wednesday, i hsve been carrying my boy in there to peek at the nest and eggs and now the chick when everyone is out getting catapilers.
I have a little dish of mealworks forvthem near their favourite perch as ell jist to help them out a little.
Love little robins.

Cracking photos   thank you for sharing.

Your birds are earlier than ours I suspect. The male is still feeding the female here, and she's still gathering moss.

I have two of the big black compost bins with the front hatch on them. I open the hatch up and grub out some of the soil for the robins to root around it. Astonishing amount of life in a worm worked compost bin, but the robins do a good job of removing any maggoty thing from the soil before I shift it out to the beds in the garden.


Great idea toddy, my bin is just by the shed door so today im going to open up the front and let them hsve access to it

Thank you for great photos aswe don't have Robins here, we think they are such beautiful birds

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