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The Bog she Scrubbed !

The bog she scrubbed.

The rag rug that she made.

The knickers that Ruth Goodman must have left behind.

I've said it before, but what a woman!
Here are the pictures from our recent visit to Morewellham Quay, the home of the BBC's Edwardian Farm series.

This was Ruths house.

Some pictures of the interior.

The kitchen floor could do with another hand scrubbing.

MORE to follow.

Bit of a crush, Badger?    

...definitely a closet crush WS

I think she's s***  hot  

I've managed to feed and watered the animals now, so here's the rest of the pictures. I'll start with the quay itself.

The River Tamar, is very tidal at Morewellham. The various docks were just mud when we first got there but filled with water very quickly as the tide rose.

The little boat that we saw in the series was in dry dock.

These structures were right on the dock side and were once used in the making of rope.

Here are the old lime kilns. The ones that were too big for the Edwardian Farm boys. If you recall, they had to go else where to find a smaller one to suit their needs. Once again, the kilns were situated by the quay, so that the lime could be transported on the river.

Hand in hand with this industry went that of barrel making.

It must have been a deadly business, because the coffin maker was next door.

By far, the high light of our visit was our trip underground to see the old copper mine on this little beauty.

It was an amazing journey, made all the better by our guide Rick.

For Edwardian Farm fanatics, he appears in episode five. A very interesting and entertaining guy. He was able to give us an idea as to how much fun the cast had in making the series. Good on yer Rick.

Now to the only disappointing part of our visit. The farm itself. It was totally under done, undeveloped and almost abandoned. Whilst Rome wasn't built in a day, there needs to be a lot of time, money and effort spending on it if its going to reach its full potential as an interesting visitor attraction. It definately seemed to be way down in the pecking order of the sheme of things. With the Edwardian Farm programme still fresh in the publics mind but possibly already fading, there's a real danger that they might be letting a golden opportunity slip by.

The Farm. Our first view.

This was about as close as we got to recapturing the spirit of the programme.

There wasn't a soul to be seen, which was a great shame, because the place holds such a lot of potential. Just a mixed batch of chickens scratching about.

There were three shire horses waiting for something in their stables.

The expression on this last horses face just about sums up the atmosphere of the place.

I wonder if they want someone to whip the farm into shape. I'm sure that it could quite quickly be brought back to life. In the meantime, Acton Scott is still my favourite place to visit. Its a shame, ecause Morwellham has the potential to have it all. I'd like to think that I could visit it again in five years time and find it completely turned around. If I lived closer, I'd certainly volunteer.

Thanks for the photos, what a great place would love to work on it too. The horses are just great shame if it' not done up now

Can't say that I remember there being a farm when we visited.  The Quay itself has not changed at all

Don't quote me on this, but apparently, the place was in some form of administration before the TV programme was made there. The publicity etc has given it a shot in the arm  and I just hope that they take advantage of the bump start that its recieved.

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