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The Black Lion at Consul Forge.

I've just arrived home from my trip to Stoke on.Trent. We had a great night out with my mum, brother and SiL. We went to The Black Lion at Consul Forge. What a pub ! Its brilliant, just like going back through a time warp. There's a steam railway, the canal and the River Churnet. If you've been to it, then you'll know what I'm on about, if you don't, you should try and get to it. We had a meal there and they had a special on. There was a choice of umpteen different curries and a pint of cider for 5.95. and it was good. I had to force myself to drink my mum and Karens pints of cider.

They also have chickens running all over the beer garden.


Sounds idilic, not many pubs around these days like that.

Will have to try and get there. Thanks for the pointer

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