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The Black Country Living Museum - pic heavy!

The community group that my DH does a bit of volunteering at organised this day out on Sunday 25th September.  We'd never been before and we had a great day!

This old fella donated a cottage to the site and he runs it for the museum.

The volunteers he'd got in for the day were cooking their Sunday lunch on the old fireplace!

The scullery in the cottage.

The main living room.  It was very dark and smokey!

The bedroom.

The guzundas!

Some ex lamp post bases!

A 1930's radio shop.

The repairs workshop at the back of the radio shop.


1930's Appartments.



The motorbike shop

My DH and his friend DROOLING!  

I can see the pub! I CAN SEE THE PUB!!!    

Say nowt!  

There was a special exhibition of old trucks and vans.

Look at how beautifully the timbers on the back of this are finished!

I was particularly interested in this 'cast iron' house!

The iron panels and how they're bolted together!

The kitchen.

The 'posh' bathroom!

The living room.

Great pictures thanks for sharing

  Now that was interesting     Fantastic !! thanks for making my morning so good.

Thanks! Really interesting, especially the cast iron house!

I nominate the Scullery for the Calendar, although I expect some guys might like one of the vehicle pics?

When I was small, we were still using gazunders here because the toilet was outside. I still have one in the bathroom with a pot plant in it

Thanks for bringing back the memories Polly. Kaz and I visited there a couple of summers ago and had a great day.
Did you try the traditional fish and chips that they sell in the old chippy and did you see the size of the carp in the towns canal?

Please feel free to use any of the pics for the calendar, if you think they're good enough!

And yes Bodger, we did have chips from the old fashioned chip shop - they were fantastic! DH had the cod and chips (£6 nearly - not 1930's prices at all! † ) and I just had chips with a pickled egg! †My friend's son aged 15 was asking where he could get a can of coke from and he was absolutely scandalised when we told him they didn't do cans of pop! † †Had to take him half way across the site to a cafe for a drink! †

We couldn't see much in the canal because of all the barges and narrowboats in it!

My grandad who died in the early 80's still used a Gazunda even though the bathroom was just across the landing.  You should have heard the language when he used to put his foot in it cos he hadn't shoved it back under the bed in a morning!  

You should have chucked the little heathen in the canal.

I did sneak up behind him and have a go Bodger and I nearly had him a time or two!  It set him off whinging again so I had to desist!  

Great pictures Polly.
I watched the progress of that museum since the project first started in the early 1970s. I was working for Birmingham's Museum of Science and Industry at the time and they donated many items.

Later on, in the 80s when I was working for the construction industry, there was a strong rumour going round that the rebuilding of some of the cottages which were being moved brick by brick from other locations, had been brought to a halt by an over zealous building inspector because they were a long way from conforming to the current building regs !!!!

great photo's...very interesting  

Thank you very much for sharing those with us love them all  

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