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The Big Bullie Bash ....

... organised by Bullies In Need at Hanley Town Football Club in Abbey Hulton this afternoon!  Had a great time meeting all the lovely dogs and their lovely owners and it was a great chance to have a squidge of many dogs from one of my other favourite breeds, the English Bull Terrier!

The red dog was shouting his head off - the white one just looks amused!

My friend's bullie bitch, Storm.

I loved this little dog - 2 year old JRT Stumper is absolutely TINY!

Baby Staffie!

This lovely bulldog bitch was dressed up as a cowgirl for her class - and she fancied herself with all the boy dogs too!

My friend's dog Joe.

Lovely old veteran!


Gorgeous photos, lovely dogs!

Is that Finney gardens ?

No Bodger it's on Abbey Lane - not far from Finney Gardens though - within walking distance of a quick pint!  

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