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The bees are loving it.

We have wild fuschia in the garden (which is trying to take over). I went to try to cut some of the brambles out of it today and it was absolutely humming with bumble bees

They wouldn't stay still for long enough to take a photo of them    but here is the fuschia and you can imagine the sight and sound of the bees


Oh lovely, I am a great fan of the fuschia. I have let a couple of buddlias go on the rampage this year as the bees have been all over them. With the weather this year I think the poor bees deserve to make as much honey as they can to keep them over the winter, spring and summer next year lol

That second pic is beautiful, worthy of the 2014 OTG calender.  


Love the photos thank you we have never seen one that big we have a few Bumble Bees around here at the moment have to leave doors n window open so they can get out

That Fuschia is a lovely colour Kaz

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