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The All Year Flower and Srub Garden.

Please feel free to add any others that you know of. These will will be lists of a few I know of and therefore not complete.

January - February;

Iris Unguicularis, Algerian Iris...1-2ft tall spread 1ft

Crocus Tommasinianus.............4 inch tall bulbs.

Bergenia Purpurascens.............1 - 1.5 ft tall, spreads, grown for its deep burgandy/green  foliage, evergreen.

Cyclamen Coum...4-6 inch tall, will naturalise under trees.

Chionodoxa Luciliae.. aptly named Glory of the Snow..4 inch tall, self seeding.

Narcissus Bulbocodium...6 - 8 inch tall...very robust but delicate looking .

And of course Winter Pansies.


Euonymus Fortunei... evergreen, various bi - colour leaves.

Pieris Japonica....Forest Fame..
Daphne Odora....ple pink flowers, delicate perfume, evergreen.

Erica Carnea...heathers..many varieties for winter flowering.

Clematis Cirrhosa...evergreen, delicate bell flowers, soft lemon/cream.

(March , April and so on to follow when you have all added your choices to the list.)

Happy Gardening  

March - April

Tulipa Kaufmanniana 'Gaiety' ...Low growing 6 inch/ 15cm tall.

'Rip van Winkle' double yellow 6 inch tall
'Thalia' pure white 12 inch tall
'Tete-a-Tete' single bright yellow 20 inch tall

Various Tulips and Daffodils.

Primula Denticulata/ Drumstick primula's various colours.

Anemone Appenina...thrive in leafy/ mold conditions under trees.

Fritilliaria Meleagris/ Snake head lilies naturalise under trees and in grass.

Rannuculus Ficaria dark bronzy foliage

Polyanthus and Primula Guineuere low growing many colours.

Doronicum Columnae Bright yellow daisy like flowers, 18-20 inch tall.

Veronica 'Georgia Blue, can bloom for months, 15- 30 inch tall and spread.

Rock Garden...

Pulsatilla Vulgaris...Aubrieta Deltoidea....Arabis Caucasica...Viola Labradorica...Anemone Nemorosa....Alyssum...Sanguinaria Canaddensis....Dicentra /Spring Morning..


Acer Pseudoplatanus , bright shrimp like foliage.

Salix Lanata slow growing woolly willow  grey/silver/green foliage.

Chaenomeles Speciosa....japonica's from pale white to scarlet reds.

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