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Thats my boy

Approx' 10 to three this morning, I awoke to hear the whimpering of Mutly.
Half asleep and after fumbling for my glasses and dressing gound, crept down the stairs, Mutly has never climbed the stairs, He awaited me,
Hair on his back, from head to tail to head high.
He was now sat by the sliding patio doors.
Opened them ...he literally flew out.
Leapt the temporary fence, I've built to keep him out the vegetable patch, barking like I've never known him before.
My eyes were still adjusting.
Something hit the 6ft fence, followed by a very loud hit. Must have been Mutly.
What was in the garden ?
But that's my Boy.
I'm now knackered...

May grab another hour or so sleep..

That's why we love him, Mutly, he really is so protective......may even keep him a wee bit longer

What the heck was in the garden, fox. cat. rat or even human, who knows...

Milo is a Star.......   ....sometimes......

  I think he deserves a treat or two

Good on him, def time for a treat

to many treats, that's why he is a family dog...fat ole git, so surprised he leaped the fence
So protective to the grandsons.
And now the new one

Wakes up, somehow knowingly
Somehow he know's,,fat ole git ,

a real family mutt

wish at times I had his instincts.....................
Dave C

Sounds like a good lad  

What breed is he?

 sounds like great dog there.

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