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That winter feeling.

I don't know about you but when winter gets its grip on the land, its comforting to know that you've got plenty of stores in to see you through. This goes for in the house and in the poultry field as too.

Yesterday I fetched in five cwt of rolled barley at 6.00 a cwt. Once out of the bags it filled four of my 220 litre blue barrels. When its rolled it becomes quite bulky and takes up a bit of room. I have it rolled because I find my birds are very reluctant to eat whole barley. Its its quite spikey if its not been crushed.
My laying and my fattening birds are fed twice a day, morning and night, on one third layers pellets, a third whole wheat, combined with the rolled barley and they seem to do alright on their ration.

I moved some Ancona hens after dark last night and they seemed a little too weighty for my like. They're doing well, perhaps a little too well and I've made a mental note to cut them down a little.

What are you feeding yours on?

Carrying on with this theme, later on today I'll be stocking up on shavings at the local saw mill. Got to keep the birds warm and dry.

Ad-lib layers pellets and a scattering of mixed corn mid afternoon and when we don't have any pigs the hens get all the veg peelings and bits from the kitchen.  
Dave C

I'm still feeding layers pellets as my meat hybrids are still laying like the clappers   I'm getting 7 eggs a day from 9 chickens.
My others are all still too young.

I bought a ton of wheat for 100 so will be dropping them onto that if they stop laying.

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