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Dave C

That time of year again !

As the moult hits my flock the Welsummers are always the first to stop laying followed by the Marans, the crosses between the 2 are always constant layers but they to stopped 3 days ago.

So that's no dark eggs for a month or so and last year I had to put lights on to get them dam Welsummers back in lay.

My La Bresse are halfway through there moult and still pro juicing eggs

How are your flocks doing on egg numbers ?

Mine aren't laying at all. Got a couple of eggs from the Khaki Campbell's today but that has been it for the last fortnight!

Zilch from mine at the moment
Obviously don't now expect anything from the buff orpingtons until March
(but they will still look beautiful in the garden ) but nothing
for weeks from the ex-batts.
Hope they pick up soon - keep forgetting to put eggs in the supermarket trolley  

Most of the pure breeds have slowed down, the old hybrids are running at just over 50% but the new hybrid pullets have just got going so thankfully I'm still managing to meet orders and have 'spare' for the gate.

Next year rather than replacing the hybrids after their first moult/year we are thinking of running 2 flocks side by side 6 months apart in age so we don't get a period of no eggs from the older ones and only small from the pullets.

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