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Thank Goodness we don't have any of these here in the UK!

Thank goodness we don't have any porcupines in the UK. Have a look at the state of this poor dog.

Some of our dogs wont even let us anywhere need them to do simple tasks like cutting their claws but this brave animal, although possibly sedated, doesn't seem to bat an eyelid.

Glad Same here, that does look very painful and what a loverly dog


Ha ha...the first night we moved into this place, Ramsey, Dave's golden retriever killed a porcupine, and he rolled on it, and was utterley furious with it for "giving" him those quills!  He had over a hundred quills just through his tongue, and we stopped counting at 500 in his face and body. We were 5 hours at the vet. Nowadays, if the dog will put up with it, we do not go to the vet,we just pull 'em out ourselves. But the Ramsey incident was severe.

They can be bad, the quills have tiny teeny barbs, so if they get into an eye, for instance, you likely have a blind dog. And as they are barbed, if they are in the body area or legs of the dog, they work their way in, and can kill the dog much later if they reach the heart or another vital organ.

I have had to pull them from the horses muzzle sometimes, can guess the horses LOVE that!!

Porcupines are usually peaceloving things, and because they have no natural predators, they just amble around....but of course if a dog or someting goes for a sniff, and is not put off when porcy rattles his quills, then he will swish his tail in retaliation and the quills will come out. It is a myth that porcupines can throw their quills, as it is also a myth that you need to cut the top of the quills off to let the air out before you pull 'em out of you animal.

Picture of Ripper with Quills last year


Oo! Gawd! Nasty!  

Ouch, nasty indeed  

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