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Thai Fish Cakes.....courtesy of Sam L

A few weeks ago Sam very kindly posted for me a recipe from a cook book that he recommended. Here is the recipe.

Fish cakes
Tort man pla

300g fish fillets, such as whiting or orange roughy
4 tablespoons red curry paste
1egg, lightly beaten
3 tablespoons fish sauce
1 teaspoon caster sugar
5 kaffir lime leaves, shredded
2 tablespoons finely cut snake beans or green beans
Oil for deep frying

Wash fish in cold salted water. Combine fish, curry paste and egg in a food processor, blend well and season with fish sauce and sugar. In a large bowl, gather the fish purée up into a ball and throw back into the bowl; continue this slapping until the mixture becomes firmer and stickier (this aerates the ingredients and makes the cakes puff up when deep fried). Mix in lime leaves and beans. Mould into small discs, then deep fry in a wok with plenty of oil over a medium heat. Serve immediately as cakes toughen as the cool. Serve with cucumber relish.

Well tonight I finally got round to making them. I have taken a few pics but they are not great and trying to take pics with the phone whilst being covered in fishy paste is not ideal.

Thai street food is notoriously hot so not being sure of this chef and recipe etc I only used 3 tables spoons of thai curry paste. I could have used the whole amount as they where not very hot. More heat next time me thinks. Also didn't have kaffir lime leaves so added a bit of lime zest instead. Substituted the beans for some spring onions from the garden.

This is the mix prior to being thrown into the bowl with a googly over arm action.

This is after the throwing and making a mess and picking bits of my clothes and out my hair...and I am not sure I can see a difference.

When forming the patties I relalised that this might be a better time to throw the mix. So threw the small balls from hand to hand to aerate them. Less mess and the texture did change.

Here are the finished cakes.....there were more but someone kept nicking 'em    

They where light and fluffy inside - tasted superb and we had them with a chilli dipping sauce. Highly recommend and well worth the mess and work involved.

Thanks again Sam L for finding the recipe for me.  

They look very good indeed! I do love Thai food........I tend to knock back on the chilli a wee bit too though, as I find some of the Thai recipes are screamingly-hot compared to what I prefer  

I love chilli as well so it's one that we will try
Sam L

Hi FB,

I have only just seen this! Thanks for posting it. Can't see the photos from work but I will check at home.

Glad they were good.

I think the heat will vary massively depending on the paste. Usually, that book is on the hot side, very authentic. I imagine that if you used the red paste recipe from there, it would be a bit hotter!

As mentioned before, the book is highly recommended. If you like Thai, this has everything you could possibly need, including techniques etc.

David Thompson - Thai Food


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