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Having been impressd at being able to buy Laverbread inTesco in Ammanford, I went online to Tesco to order some. The responses came back as "product not identified". and some other similar. I tried their 2contact us" button, and was ofered snailmail (response guaranted in 12 weeks) or their phone service at 25 p per min.  No email service offered.


Telephone 0845 7225533*, 9am to 11pm Monday to Friday, 9am to 8pm Saturday and 10am to 6pm Sunday

*Up to 4ppm from BT landlines. Other providers vary. Calls may be recorded.

Given the call is unlikely to be longer than 10 mins, would you like me to call and spend 40p sorting it out for you.

Problem appears to be between your chair and the keyboard  :smt077

shocked.gif  shocked.gif  shocked.gif  ::

:smt046  :smt046  :smt046

OMG just seen this post! Ive been after some Laverbread for totally ages and ages the local fish market used to sell it frozen and than decided not to order any because of no demand... wich is rubbish they just didnt advertise the fact!, this laverbread that Tesco's are ment to be doing is it canned?.


OOoooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh I love lava bread.

Do you thnk that you could make it at home (inland) with dried seaweed from the Asian supermarket?

I feel another kitchen project, culinery adventure, and about 10-15 photos coming on.

Mmmm Ive tried that "Sea Salad" mix before and tbh really is nothing like proper Laverbread...

Its ok but in moderation (ended up giveing it my cats and dog tbh) cant beat laverbread!!!

its easy to get down here - people like it boiled with vinegar apparently - can't see the attraction myself   Lloyd, next time your down pop along to Butchers Row and they all sell it - cheap as anything too I think. hmm laverbread and pork sausage may be shortly to be added to my repitoir!

Cant beat it with pork or bacon mmmmmmmm yum ! (right i just gna go cry in a corner cos I cant get any!!!)  :q11:

HotVampire69 wrote:
OMG just seen this post!  this laverbread that Tesco's are ment to be doing is it canned?.Jeni

In North Wales you can get it in the Co Op canned but in South Wales my last lot was fresh at the deli.

It's more a South Wales thing though isn't it Lloyd?

I remember years ago, our relatives in Neath used to buy it regularly and ( I think) cook in bacon fat. Never tried it myself, but always up for a challenge! I'll look in our local Tesco and let you know!!

It's certainly a coastal (Western) delicacy. As you say, rolled in oats then shallow fried in bacon fat.

You could also dilute it down with a cream based sauce, and cook with prawns?

"there's loveley isent it!"


Re: Tesco

Lloyd wrote:
" 2contact us" button, and was ofered snailmail (response guaranted in 12 weeks) or their phone service at 25 p per min. No email service offered.


Aaaawww dear me... I order every month food stuffs from Tesco and been quite impressed until today!.

My washing machine and fridge freezer has gone "Caput", tried to order online the stuff we need today and there is an option on the electricals dept to remove your old goods obviously...
17:50 for the fridge 5 for the washing machine extra, wich is fine and not a problem I guess  until you come to actually paying for the service! NO button to pay for it or order the service offered!

So I rang up before even entering my father in laws card details to check this out... after speaking to 4 diffrent operators, the 4th directly contacted there tech dept and apparently yes they "forgot & lost" the facility somehow to arrange for collection of old goods and even installation services!

He advised me not to order as only the goods would arrive even from there help desk they could not arrange any installations or collections even though its a service they offer, as everything is done on there computer systems !!! UNREAL!.

I feel sorry for any person that has ordered any large electrical item and has assumed without realiseing there new cooker or what ever isnt actually going to be fitted!.

Highly confusing for any elderly people that have ordered stuff I recon!  :angry4:

Not all that helpful for you either then.  rolleyes.gif

I went shopping to Tescos today as usual and there were special offers all over the place BUT some of the the items that I buy every week had increased markedly in price even from last week ready for the Easter spending spree:q11:  :q11:  :q11:

Update they have fixed the website for removal & installation of electrical goods (an email or call would have been nice to inform me  rolleyes.gif )

So now hopefully I can actually wash my jeans again and not walk around looking and smelling like stig of the dump LOL, Hope there deliverys a quick as they state...

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