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Tesco Mary Berry Christmas cake kits
Reduced from a stupidly expensive 10 to cheaper than you could buy the ingredients 3. I'm normally totally hopeless at baking but I've made 2 of these and they seem to have turned out great. The kit is basically just pre weighed ingredients (everything you need apart from eggs, butter and lemon and orange zest). Have bought a few kits more to keep me in fruit cake for a while, says BBE Feb 2012 but really don't see anything in there to go off

Thanks for that - I'll see if there are any left when I do my shopping this week

I reckon that would be the date you should bake it by - not the date the cake will last to - hopefully!  

we saw them at 2    thursday at tesco
Duane Dibbley

We got a couple for 2 each last week  

And very nice cake it makes! For the next kit I make up I'll give it a few weeks to mature and feed it but even only made the weekend before last and not fed it has turned out lovely, moist and tasty. As far as I remember the recipe seems pretty much the same as the one mum used to do and as I said the kit is basically a load of pre-weighed ingredients so not cheating too much and means I don't have bags of half used dried fruit lurking at the back of the cupboard.
On the MSE forum there are reported disasters but most seem to be down to unreliable oven thermostats meaning they got baked too hot. No idea what temp was done at, stuck it in the Rayburn top oven till it was done just like everything is!

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