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After the loss of my last Terrier I am thinking of having another, Looking for a Farm bred Jack Russell pup or similar don't mind a cross so long as its a Terrier. I would have an older one but has to be good with Chickens Geese Sheep and hate Rats. Just wondered if anyone here knew anyone ?
Thanks   Kevin

Whether or not they are good with stock will be down to you and your training Kev but I'm very friendly with Brian Nuttall who is world famous for his strain of black Patterdale terriers. A pup from him wont be cheap but it will be one of the best you can get. Let me know if you want to make some enquiries with him. He's near Holmes Chapel in Cheshire.
chicken feed

there was some JR pups advertised on the thrapston market news last week take a look on the bletsoes site and go to market reports.

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